The Secret to a No-Work Garden

Hello and welcome back to my gardening blog for beginners! As those of you who have been reading know, I have been growing a vegetable garden last summer and that’s a fair bit of work.

There’s lots of digging, watering and weeding involved and obviously this is not possible for everyone. Those of you with less time or energy for gardening still deserve something beautiful to look at and so this post is all about how to have a no-stress garden with minimal work.

So how do you get a garden if you don’t want to dig?

It stands to reason that this should be easy because plants flourish in the wild without any interruption from intrepid gardeners. If you have time and the forethought to plan ahead, it is possible to get the same results as you do with tilling soil and mixing in compost and the secret is newspaper.

Simply put a layer of wet newspaper on top of the soil in your garden and put a layer of compost on top – no tilling required. Make a hole in the newspaper for the roots of your plant to reach through. You should do this a few weeks in advance of planting so that the compost and newspaper have a chance to break down.

For the plants themselves – choose transplanted young plants rather than seeds for an easier growing process.

Next, choose plants that are local to your area that don’t require any input from you because they are suited to your climate. This will also help with attracting the sort of wildlife that will naturally repel pests.

For example, ladybirds will keep aphids in check and prevent them from destroying your garden. This means less work for you as you do not have to use insecticides to deter pests.

Once you have your garden set up in this way, it should thrive. Give your plants some time to settle in and after a while your garden should need minimal attention from you to stay happy and healthy!

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