Planting Your Seeds

Hello again my fellow green-thumbed gardeners! In my last post I took a look at how to choose your plants and today it’s time to discuss the next stage – what to do now that you’ve purchased your seeds and plotted out what you’ll plant. Assuming that you have chosen a spot in your garden […]

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Gardening Basics: Choosing Plants

Welcome back to my gardening blog! Today it’s time to decide what you’re going to plant. Different plants have different needs and it’s worth spending some time considering what goes together so that you have a successful garden. Plan your garden Step one is to map out your garden and decide what will fit – […]

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The Self-Taught Gardener – Starting Out

Hello and welcome to my gardening blog. Like the name suggests, I’m a self-taught nature enthusiast who loves to watch things sprout and grow. There’s nothing I enjoy more than taking a plant from seed to harvest and I hope to share that pleasure with you. With that in mind, for my first post I […]

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