The Self-Taught Gardener – Starting Out

Hello and welcome to my gardening blog. Like the name suggests, I’m a self-taught nature enthusiast who loves to watch things sprout and grow.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than taking a plant from seed to harvest and I hope to share that pleasure with you.

With that in mind, for my first post I thought it would be a good idea to start with the basics – any plan should start ‘from the ground up’! It’s important to begin your garden with the following things in mind otherwise things can get a little bit hectic. So grab a sheet of paper and let’s plot things out:

Pretty or Practical

First things first, do you want a simple flower garden to sit in or a vegetable patch that will yield bountiful rewards? Both require some work but there is just a touch more effort involved in the average vegetable garden. Personally, I enjoy having something to show for my efforts so I have been spending the summer taking care of a small patch of fruits and veggies and I’m looking forward to enjoying the result. It might not be much but I’d rather have some potatoes and herbs than take care of roses. This is just a matter of individual taste, what do you enjoy?

Time and Space

Honestly evaluate the kind of time you can commit to your garden. Remember, this is supposed to be relaxing and so there is zero point in over-burdening yourself!

If you have a busy schedule or zero space but you still want to garden then it’s worth looking into community gardens where you share the work and the rewards with other gardeners in your neighborhood. This is a great solution for anyone without a garden of their own. If this isn’t possible, make sure to choose low-maintenance plants that will require less care.

Spending some time considering what you want to get from this experience should help it be all the more rewarding. Gardening is a wonderful journey and I hope by joining me as I learn more that you gain the knowledge to join in and nurture your own garden, big or small.

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