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The Highs and Lows of Gardening

Welcome back gardeners! As a self-taught gardener I have definitely learned some lessons the hard way in the last few weeks, and I am here to point them out in the hopes that being aware of the possible pitfalls helps you to avoid them and have a successful garden. Here are the two biggest challenges I have faced: The Initial Cost While the fruit and vegetables that eventually grow are free, the cost of equipment, seeds and young plants can be a lot all at once. It’s worth checking out thrift stores for any second-hand gardening equipment you can find although you do have to be pretty lucky, it’s not something that pops up often. The benefits of gardening cannot be beaten Bear in mind that if you know any established gardeners you can also ask if they have any seeds or plant cuttings that you could use – someone who knows what they’re doing is usually all too happy to help a beginner find their feet. The Time Invested Gardening is a time commitment, no doubt. If you have chosen to go with a lower-work garden like the type I mentioned in my last post, that’s one way to avoid this problem. While the work of gardening is rewarding, it isn’t something you can opt out of if you don’t feel like it that week – you’d lose all your progress! That’s quite the punishment for choosing to skip a session in favor of watching a movie or going […]

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